Health, Safety, & Well-Being

WestEd works with schools, communities, and policymakers to create safe, healthy environments that engage young people in pro-social development and to help support their academic achievement and well-being.

Our Healthy Kids School Climate Surveys assess youth risk behavior and resilience, learning and teaching conditions, and school support systems.

WestEd helps our partners understand and improve school climate and community conditions.

Our data and services have been used to support efforts to address many issues, from bullying and substance abuse, to strengthening after-school programs and school-based health centers. We also have contributed understanding to how health and socio-emotional factors influence academic performance.

The WestEd Justice & Prevention Research Center conducts evaluation and research studies on crime and justice, school safety, and violence prevention. Our work helps shed light on issues of crime, violence, and justice system inequities.

Family engagement is another priority. Our Academic Parent-Teacher Teams model has set a national standard for family-school partnerships.