Standards and Assessment: Resources for Informed, Student-Centered Teaching and Learning

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Educators often encounter a common set of questions when it comes to the purpose and intent of standards and assessment: Why is my child being tested? What exactly is formative assessment? What are the benefits of assessment?

The Center on Standards and Assessment Implementation (CSAI) helps educators promote greater understanding of how assessment positively impacts learning for all students. From resources for supporting American Indian/Alaska Native students to state guidance related to innovative assessments, CSAI is a leading thought partner shaping national strategies to improve outcomes and achievement.

Resources just launched support the Center’s overall focus on building capacity, at all levels, in the development of balanced, coherent, and efficient systems of teaching and learning:

  • A Parent Guide to Assessments – A helpful brief answers questions about three common assessment types
  • Evidence-Centered Design – A collection of resources designed to explain evidence-centered design and its application
  • Lesson Planning with Formative Assessment – New materials to support training workshops on lesson planning with formative assessment

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