Supporting Elementary School Students to Become Effective Writers: New Resource

Scaffolding Writing Through the "Teaching and Learning Cycle"

Students are expected to write about what they have learned, but many students do not have the necessary opportunities and support in school to express their ideas through effective writing.

The Teaching and Learning Cycle (TLC) is a pedagogical framework for scaffolding academic writing through deep and critical thinking tasks, academic discussions, interactive reading, and language development.

In this report, Pamela Spycher of Leading with Learning at WestEd:

  • Shares what happened when a team of teachers implemented the TLC in their classrooms
  • Defines scaffolding, and explains what it entails
  • Describes how the language in different genres works
  • Provides concrete strategies for scaffolding writing through the five TLC stages

Visit the Scaffolding Writing Through the Teaching and Learning Cycle resource page to download your copy.

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