Teacher Professional Development Program

The Teacher Professional Development program comprehensively addresses teacher learning across the preparatory and professional curriculum, with a strengths-based approach to both teacher and student learning.

The Teacher Professional Development (TPD) program houses a number of projects and services that address teacher learning across the preparatory and professional curriculum. Two signature projects are Quality Teaching for English Learners (QTEL) and the Strategic Literacy Initiative (SLI).

QTEL provides in-depth professional development for teachers and leaders with the goal of building capacity to provide rigorous, highly supported education opportunities for English learners to simultaneously learn language, content, and academic practices. Grounded in a model of apprenticeship, QTEL emphasizes multilayered, whole-school reform and the long-term, sustainable building of teacher expertise.

SLI, through its Reading Apprenticeship® approach, focuses on improving discipline-specific literacy and content learning in middle school, high school, and community college. Evidence from three randomized controlled studies of Reading Apprenticeship professional development at the high school level shows student improvement in all areas tested: on standardized tests of reading comprehension, biology, history, and English language arts. On many measures, treatment students score well over a year ahead of control students.

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Aida Walqui

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