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Archived Webinar

High-Quality Instruction That Promotes Learning and Achievement for African American Male Students

Recorded on September 13, 2012

What instructional practices are most likely to lead African American male students to excel academically?

The quality of instruction influences the quality and quantity of learning for all students, but especially for African American males.

For the past six years, the National Center for Urban School Transformation has been identifying and studying urban schools that achieve outstanding academic results for all students, including African American males. These studies have pinpointed practices that lead African American male students to excel.

This webinar provides information about the instructional practices that make a difference, and also discusses strategies for changing instructional practices in schools.

Specific topics addressed are:

  • Key instructional practices that influence the extent to which African American males are likely to learn rigorous academic content
  • Key instructional practices that influence the commitment and engagement of African American males
  • Schoolwide practices that influence changes in classroom instruction

Webinar Presenter(s):

Joseph Johnson Joseph F. Johnson, Jr.

Materials from the Webinar