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Matthew Nathan
Senior Director, Development

Since 1966, WestEd staff have been evaluating many types of policies, practices, and programs related to education and human development, including school reform and turnaround efforts, teacher preparation and professional development, data systems, and violence prevention initiatives.

Our evaluators apply rigorous social science methodology to produce accurate and reliable studies, then communicate action-oriented findings on the implementation and outcomes of programs and policies.

Our rigorous research and nonpartisan approach enables our clients to be open and transparent about what they are doing and accomplishing, and it supports accountability efforts increasingly demanded by administrators, funders, legislators, and the public.

We often conduct formative evaluations in a series of 90- to 120-day cycles to guide mid-course corrections in implementation. WestEd evaluators begin the work with a clear specification of the client’s theory of action and appropriate interim indicators. Our goal is to support continuous improvement in programs and outcomes.

Monitoring projects helps ensure that grantees are implementing funded programs as designed and approved. We often combine on-site monitoring with online systems for efficient sharing of information. WestEd staff conduct monitoring activities or help states design and implement monitoring systems. Either way, compliance monitoring is intended as part of a growth and capacity-building model.

Contact us to learn how our customized evaluation services can assess your learning and human development-related programs and policies. In addition, visit our Research & Evaluation page to learn about our studies, services, resources, and more.