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Increase Safety for All Children, Adults, Schools, and Communities

Anthoy Petrosino

Learn about the WestEd Justice & Prevention Research Center's mission to promote positive school environments.Read More

Juvenile Drug Courts — Policy and Practice Scan: Recent Research

Cover Juvenile Drug Courts: Policy and Practice Scan

Learn about the structures, struggles, and successes of juvenile drug treatment courts. Read More

California Examines How and Why to Improve its Measures of School Climate

WestEd in the News

A California advisory group will recommend ways to make measuring school climate more meaningful for school districts.Read More

WestEd at the 2016 American Society of Criminology Annual Meeting

Photo of adults at a professional development training

WestEd researchers will present on urban violence and school safety. November 16-19, New Orleans, LA. Read More

One Hospital Executive's Strategy for Reducing Violence

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Hospital executive hopes exposing youth to the reality of gun violence will help them choose non-violent solutions.Read More

Building a Positive School Climate for All: Register for California Event

Adult women professional development

Learn best practices for addressing school climate and equity issues. Northern CA (Oct. 13) or Southern CA (Oct. 18).Read More

The Wonk’s Guide to What Works, and What Doesn’t, When Policing Violent Crime

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Read about evidence-based strategies for addressing the violent crime epidemic, and a focus on proven solutions. Read More

Congressional Briefing on Violence and Violence Prevention: National Experts Gather in Washington, DC

U.S. Capitol Building

What does the best research say about the problem of violence and how to prevent it? Experts address the question.Read More

Schools Ban Suspensions After Success With Restorative Justice

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WestEd's Trevor Fronius and Sarah Guckenburg weigh in on this alternative to suspension. Read More

Restorative Justice Program Lowers Days Lost to Suspensions in LAUSD

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New approach to discipline moves away from punishment and toward cooperative problem solving. Read More