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High School Students

High School Students' Perceptions of Police Vary by Student Race and Ethnicity: New Research Findings

Learn how high school students in California schools perceive school-based law enforcement and police in their communities.

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Justice and Prevention

Are Metal Detectors Effective at Making Schools Safer?

This new research brief summarizes what’s known about metal detectors in schools and in other settings, including prevalence, effectiveness, cost, and the potential impact on students and learning environments.

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NGSS Investing In Science Teacher Leadership

Investing in Science Teacher Leadership: Strategies and Impacts in the NGSS Early Implementers Initiative

This evaluation report explains how the NGSS Early Implementers Initiative prepared teachers for leadership in NGSS teaching, including how it created a culture of collaboration that produced change agents for science education and NGSS implementation.

Hand Shake

How Relationships Drive Improvement in Chula Vista

Find out how relationship-building – teacher to student, student to student, teacher to teacher, and administrator to teacher – guides improvement at the Chula Vista Elementary School District.

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Michelle Tiu

Improving Ed Tech Through Research: Q&A with Michelle Tiu

R&D Alert spoke with WestEd's Michelle Tiu about evaluating and supporting the development of ed tech tools.

August Focus: College Pathways and Career Success

Every student deserves the opportunity to excel in college and career. Throughout the month of August, WestEd highlights college and career pathways that make college more accessible for students, provide effective support, and prepare them for careers that match students' interests and the needs of their communities.

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Justice & Prevention Research Center

Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative Scale-Up: Study of Four States

This report documents how four states have scaled-up the Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative, summarizes lessons learned from implementation, and presents key findings that can inform practice and guide future scale-ups.

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Published Articles by WestEd

Improved Generalizability Through Improved Recruitment

Research design involves a balancing act between adhering to methodological ideals and dealing with the practicalities involved in carrying out the research. This article reviews the development of a sample selection plan for a randomized control trial and discusses how the plan impacted the resulting sample.

Amplifying The Curriculum

Amplifying the Curriculum: Designing Quality Learning Opportunities for English Learners

This resource guides teachers in designing challenging and meaningful tasks, lessons, and study units that will engage English learner students.

R&D Alert: Math in Common

Math in Common: How 10 California Districts Are Tackling the Common Core

Learn what happened when leaders from 10 California school districts came together to support each other in implementing the Common Core math standards.