Area of Work

English Language Learners

Using deep expertise and evidence-based knowledge, we strengthen practice and policy to accelerate English language learning student achievement. We conduct research and evaluation studies, and provide professional development and other services that help address the dual needs of students who must master academic content and the English language simultaneously.

Many of WestEd’s initiatives focus on language development in the context of rigorous subject matter such as science, math, English language arts, and history.

Featured WestEd Experts

Making a positive difference in the field

  • Aida Walqui

    Aida Walqui

    Aida Walqui directs the widely acclaimed Quality Teaching for English Learners (QTEL), which provides teachers and leaders nationwide with approaches for supporting the conceptual, academic, and linguistic development of English language learners.

    Walqui is a proven leader on increasing the academic success of English language learners. She has published extensively on the education of English learners, and is a frequently invited keynote speaker.

  • Robert Linquanti

    Robert Linquanti

    Senior Researcher Robert Linquanti is nationally recognized for helping states and school districts examine and strengthen their assessment, evaluation, and accountability policies, practices, and systems for English language learners.

    Passionate about improving education outcomes for English learners, Linquanti has published extensively, including a report for the Council of Chief State School Officers to help states move toward a more common definition of English language learner.