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R&D Alert articles provide timely information on issues affecting schools and communities nationwide. Read about the latest research and insights on key challenges in education and human development, from early childhood to college and career, from implementing powerful professional development for teachers of English learners to improving outcomes for students in foster care.

Caretaker and young child

Posted on 08.17.2018

Healing our children: Insights on trauma-informed practices in education

Toxic stress and trauma have an enormous impact on children’s development and learning. In this Q&A, WestEd experts discuss the far-reaching effects of trauma and how educators and administrators can foster trauma-informed environments in their classrooms and schools.

High School students interacting

Posted on 07.25.2018

Students Lead the Way: Creating a More Positive, Connected School Climate

WestEd’s School Climate and Wellness Partnership helps schools foster safe and supportive environments. Learn how the partnership helped spark a student-led effort to implement restorative justice practices in Louisiana’s largest school district.

Student group in discussion

Posted on 07.02.2018

Groundbreaking Math Program Dramatically Increases College Completion Rates

Students in Carnegie Math Pathways courses are completing college math requirements at triple the rate and in half the time of those in traditional courses. Learn how the innovative program is helping students overcome the math remediation barrier.

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