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Making Sense of SCIENCE: Facilitation Academies

Putting an intriguing spin on classic topics such as the properties of matter, chemical reactions, genetic and epigenetic inheritance, physical changes, and periodic tables, these academies prepare professional learning providers to lead the “Matter” and "Genes & Traits" courses with teachers at their site.

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Best Practices for Planning Curriculum for Young Children: Family Partnerships and Culture

Explore ways to integrate California Department of Education publications and initiatives into early childhood education/child development college coursework. This one-day seminar will focus on the Family Partnerships and Culture publication, the companion Faculty Initiative Project Instructional Guide, and provides opportunities for faculty to dialogue with colleagues.

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American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting

The American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting provides an annual forum for researchers to explore and discuss the latest research.

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National Council on Measurement in Education Annual Meeting

The theme of the 2018 NCME conference is “Here and There and Back Again: Making Assessment a Stronger Force for Positive Impact on Teaching and Learning.”